Homeo Help Line

For timely help with acute concerns like colds, coughs flus. Accidents, injuries and acute flair ups of chronic conditions. This online service is convenient to do from your cell phone, tablet or computer.

If you do not have one, you are welcomed to call the office and  Maggie can fill out a form for you by asking the questions we’ll need to complete a program for you. Dr. Gardner will personally attend to your helpline request and design a customized program based on your symptoms, within 24 hours.

This program includes recommendations for homeopathic, custom herbs, nutritional supplements, and dietary suggestions.

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Fee:  Clients, $175.00  Non-Clients, $195.00

Full Case Analysis for Adult or Child

Includes, pre-study of Health Profile and labwork, full consultation (1-2 hours) after study (4-6 hours) and printed plan of all Homeopathics, Herbs, Supplements, Drug/Vitamin Interaction check, Diet Plan (if needed) and Lifestyle suggestions. Fullcase analysis clients also receive a free newsletter.. Additional study for acutes may incur nominal fee (see Homeo-Help Lines). All full case clients must be committed to do at least one follow up per year in order to be considered an active client and qualify for discounted sessions.

$495.00 Call 412-646-4151 or email

Please note: The cost for a general wellness program may be deemed worthy of a discount, making the service $395.00. Additionally, extremely complicated cases, requiring extra consultation or case study time may be subject to an additional fee of $95.00.

Follow Up Appointments

Appointments last approximately 30 minutes. Includes after study and suggestions for adjustment of remedies, herbs and supplements. Additional time if needed, is available and will be billed in 30 minute increments.

E-mail, $175.00 Phone, $195.00 Extra Time, $95.00

Vaccine Reversal Programs

Covers symptoms of Aspergers, Austism, Seizures, Allergies and other illnesses caused by vaccines. Includes information on Homeopathics, Herbs, Diet, Nutritional Supplements, Support group info, Informative book and exemption information. $395.00

Call 412-646-4151 or email

Drug /Supplement Interaction

Do you know what vitamins and minerals your pharmaceutical drugs may be depleting from your body? Are you adding supplements or herbs to your daily routine that could potentially interact with your drugs? Are you taking the right supplements or buying according to the advertising and marketing? With so many fad products on the market, this helpful service will help separate fact from fiction. This service is included in the full case analysis or by itself.

$95.00 Call 412-646-4151

Animal Chronic Conditions:

Give your pet the opportunity to enhance his/her immune system. Animals respond very well to Homeopathic and Herbal Medicine. Program includes, pre-study, full consultation, after study and plan including receommendations for Homeopathic remedies, herbs and supplements.

$250.00. Call 412-646-4151 or email

Educational Sessions by Phone

Would you like to speak to someone about your personal options, to get a second opinion, or to learn how to use a Homeopathic Remedy Kit to treat your family for acute illnesses. 30 minute sessions by appointment

$95.00 (30 minutes)

After hours and weekend rate for educational session:

$150.00 (30 minutes)

Call 412-646-4151


Please kindly note: Due to the large amount of time reserved before, during and after a scheduled consultation, and the resulting very tight scheduling associated with our practice, missed appointments are subject to the full cost of the scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel or postpone an appointment, please do so at least three business days beforehand, and no fee will be assessed. Thank you for your understanding, and compliance with this policy.

image Dr. Cindee Gardner is an internationally renowned Homeopathic Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the field of natural medicine. is your source for the highest quality of homeopathic and natural healing services available anywhere. If you are looking to achieve ultimate health, you have come to the right place.

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