Homeopathy Explained

Sometimes called “The Royal Medicine” or the “Medicine of the 21st Century,” England’s Royal family has been utilizing Homeopathic Medicines since the1830s. This complex medical system is derived from both natural medicine and orthodox science. It brings together the best of both worlds.

Homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that utilizes extremely small doses of substances to stimulate a person’s immune and defense systems. Each medicine is individually prescribed according to the “Law of Similars.” Under this law, a substance which is capable of evoking a certain set of symptoms in an essentially healthy person under controlled research procedures may become a potential effective therapeutic agent on those same symptoms when prepared according to the specifications of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and prescribed in accordance with Homeopathic standards.

The Homeopathic medicines work so effectively because they work with, rather than against, the body’s inherent immune system. Hundreds of thousands of people in over 28 countries daily use Homeopathic medicines and enjoy many benefits, including relief of symptoms, cure of ailments, and more vibrant lives because of this wonderful and effective system of medicine!

“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment.” –Mahatma Gandhi

“Homeopathy is the safest and most reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of the established medical practice for over 100 years.” –Yehundi Menuhin

“The introduction of Homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that Homeopathy survived the attempts of the orthodox physicians to destroy it.” –Mark Twain

A Guide for Taking Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured and labeled under specifications recognized by the U.S.FDA. They have been safely and effectively used for over 200 years. After herbal medicine, homeopathy is the second most widely used health care system in the world. There are no additives, fillers, etc. It is neither habit forming nor fattening, and has no known side effects. Homeopaths consider the body to be the best healing system around, and the symptoms are the body’s effort to heal. Homeopathic medicines seem to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

How to Take Them
A dose is considered as the number of times a remedy is taken, not the number of pellets or squirts (except in low strengths such as 3x or 4x). Three to five pellets or one half squirt from a remedy solution bottle is a good dose. If using pellets, take 15 or 20 minutes before or after meals. In liquid form, a squirt can be taken five minutes before or after meals. In an emergency situation, don’t wait.

How Often to Take Them
Repeat as directed by your practitioner or in accordance with the label. We advise people to reduce or stop repetition as improvement occurs - repeating as necessary. Rarely are remedies taken for extended periods of time for acute indications. Your practitioner may advise a schedule or a low dose to be taken in a solution bottle for a longer period of time when dealing with a chronic situation.

Response Time
In an emergency, results are typically immediate. For acute problems (e.g. cold or flu) take every few hours over the course of a day. For more chronic conditions, some aspects may be helped quickly, but the overall resolution may take weeks or months.

An aggravation can occur, but it is relatively rare and short-lived. It seems to occur when the body’s response to a remedy is too vigorous. The body’s natural ability to heal can cause what some call a healing crisis - the body simply works too hard and makes the patient uncomfortable. Remedies cannot give you a disease. If the aggravation is too uncomfortable, it can be antidoted (that is, the body’s reaction to a remedy can be calmed down) by a number of ways - drinking coffee, using mint products, or using camphor or other products with strong odors. Often a lower dose of the same remedy can also be used as an antidote. Typically homeopaths will give the remedy again, but in lower strengths. These same antidotes to an aggravation can also antidote the positive effects of a remedy (that is, the body is healing and may get “distracted” by some of these antidoting entities). In addition, there are specific remedies that your practitioner may give you to antidote other remedies if aggravation should occur.

Remedies Can Be Ruined
To keep remedy pellets effective for years, store at room temperature, in a dry, dark place. Avoid touching/contaminating them, don’t put spilled remedies back in the container, and avoid heat higher than 130 degrees. The liquid solutions contain 10% pure grain alcohol. They last for an average of three months. You can order remedies to be made with a higher alcohol content to last longer or in pure vegetable glycerin (which lasts only one month) instead of alcohol.

The strength of a remedy is denoted by a number and a letter, and the higher the number, the higher the strength. Higher strength isn’t always better - the high strength could overshoot the problem and is also more likely to cause an aggravation. Our advice is to start low and go higher as necessary if you are self treating. If you are working with an experienced professional Homeopath, he/she may use a higher dose for a few days and then use a lower dose for a longer period of time.

X versus C
An X potency is one part crude to 9 parts dilutant, and one part crude to 99 parts dilutant for the C potencies. The strength is made higher and higher as the product is further diluted and succussed (vigorously pounded). In the lowest levels there is more of the crude material in the product, but once at 24x and 12c there are no molecules of the crude. Lower potencies are often recommended for cellular disorders or as a tissue salt to be taken over a longer period of time.

LM Potencies
LMs are highly diluted and especially useful for sensitive people. They are made differently and used differently and are not to be confused with C potencies (such as 200c, 1M, 10M, 50M, etc.). Details are found in the 6th Organon and the LM potency booklet.

Homeopathy is safe during pregnancy, with babies, and animals. There has never been a confirmed report of a death or injury from a homeopathic. We have read many books and none of them suggest that homeopathic medicine isn’t safe. Some encourage applying a little common sense - after all it is medicine - but this is about avoiding aggravations, not about doing actual harm.

Hand Succussed Remedies
Most remedies made today are manufactured on machines and more likely to be antidoted. They are made on paint shaker-type machines, and I have found them easier to be antidoted more easily than handmade ones. Hand succussed remedies taken in water solutions that are shaken before each dose seem to act deeper and more gently.

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