Healing Fibro-Cystic Breasts

by Cindee Gardner, Ph.D., HD (R.Hom.), D.Hom., C.Hom.

One of the most common disorders reported by women is referred to as fibro-cystic breast disease. The word disease is a misnomer unlike chronic illness, fibro-cystic breast disorder is not a disease, but actually a condition that is quite reversible. The body simply must be stimulated to process the fibrous tissue through its normal eliminative channels. Many women panic when they discover any unnatural-feeling tissue in their breasts, but usually these fears are unwarranted. Over 80% of the women with cystic, fibrous, lumpy or mass-filled breasts find that the tissues are benign. Even so, most studies show that women who have these tendencies are more likely to develop breast cancer and other more serious conditions. The first symptoms of fibro-cystic breast disorder appear as sore or swollen breasts—usually a week or so before the menstrual cycle—in women who are in their early 20s. As women progress into their 30s and 40s, the condition can elevate to actual pain and slight inflammation. Then, as menopause approaches, a women’s erratic menstrual cycles can cause sudden, painful flare ups and breast hypersensitivity.

Homeopathic Doctors have developed successful treatment programs—that both treat the root cause of the condition, as well as treating the pain and hypersensitivity that accompanies it—using homeopathics and herbs instead of invasive procedures and radiation. Most homeopathic Doctors and alternative medicine practitioners do not approve of routine mammograms or needle aspirations, especially if there is already damaged tissue in that area. Homeopaths usually recommend non-invasive therapies first (such as sonograms and thermograms) to determine the state of a woman&rsquos breast health and use the more radical approaches only as a last resort. We find it better to assist the body in healing itself instead of burning, irradiating, and cutting out damaged cells. When properly stimulated, the body can break down toxins, stagnant tissue, and invasive cells without using radiation and other drastic methods.

Tibetan Breast Massage
One example of an excellent adjunct therapy for the prevention of fibrous tissue is Tibetan Breast Massage. Although this practice has been popularized in America by Indian women, the Chinese have actually been doing this exercise for thousands of years to keep their breasts looking firmer and younger and to prevent premenstrual pain. This type of massage has also been used by midwives in order to stimulate contractions in a mother after childbirth, to assist the birthing of the placenta. Tibetan breast massage stimulates the endocrine system to balance the female hormones and to keep the breast tissue from getting overly congested. Because congested fibrous tissue is more likely to stagnate and become blocked (when for example, there is no movement in the breast glands and ducts), this exercise is the most effective way to reopen these blocked areas. I was first turned on to this therapy at one of Dr. Murphy’s seminars, and I have incorporated this into my female wellness protocols ever since, with extraordinary results.

How To Do Tibetan Breast Massage: In my practice, I have used two basic formulas. One is a dense cream consisting of 20,000 IU’s of Vitamins and natural cold pressed oils, an aromatherapy oil, Thios Homeopathic Tissue remedy that is known for breaking up scar tissue and an herb infusion of Poke root and Calendula. This product is known for its use in assisting damaged skin, after surgery, and even touted as one of the best baby bottom balms you can get. It is called VITACAL-POKE.

Another formula that you can use is a combination of Vitamin E/Jojoba Oil with Poke and Red root tincture added. Slightly warm either base by rubbing it in your palms and massage the breasts using circular motions in both directions from the nipple out. It works best when you lie down and breathe deeply and totally relax. Massage gently along the breastbone, up and down, then continue massaging toward and down the armpits where the lymph glands are. If there are any large lumps or painful lumps, avoid them, and massage the other breast instead. Do this exercise at least once a week. Check to see if the bra you are wearing is restricting the normal flow of lymph glands under the armpits. Bra restriction is one of the leading causes of stagnant breast tissue and cuts off the circulation of the lymphatic fluid pathways.

Take time for stress reduction activities like getting a massage, each month. If you have a sluggish lymph system, add in a Lymphatic Thinner Herb Combo, twice a day for at least a month.

Homeopathic Remedies That Work Well for Fibro-Cystic Breasts
Although there are many remedies to choose from, you’ll find that if you symptoms match some of these, using the remedies may work very well with the herbs and breat massage above.

Phytolacca: Heavy, stony, hard, swollen and tender breasts.

* Pulsatilla: Sore aching lumps in breasts worse before menses and emotions easily brought to tears.

* Calc Phos: Sore breasts with cysts on the left side and fibrous tissue build up.
Silica: Hard lumps in breasts with itching and tendency to ulceration or discharge.

There are over 50 Homeopathic remedies listed for fibrous breast tissue. They work best when they fit your individual symptoms. Working with a professional who can change your remedies, potencies and herbs as you heal will yield the very best results in the shortest time frame.

Dietary/Herb Suggestions to Reduce Fibrous Cysts

Eliminate caffeinated (and decaffeinated) beverages. These contain methylxanthines, which have been linked to breast disease. Theophylline, and theobromine found in chocolate and black teas can also be culprits.
Hormone altering therapies, from birth control pills to the newer bio-hormone regimines may cause an imbalance in the system that can result in benign and malignant breast tissue.
Dairy and meat products, especially those containing steroids and growth hormones, contribute to cystic breasts. Foods that are high in fat cause congestion in the system. Cut down or eliminate them. Instead eat a larger portion of high fiber, high water content foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water between meals. If you are constipated, you are five times as likely of also having breast congestion. Stay away from laxatives that could cause further constipation and irritate the bowel. Instead, try soaking prunes overnight, then adding to whole grain cereals, or a slower acting Triphala Capsule.

Another excellent choice is the Fibro-Cystic Tonic, a combination of organic, medicinal grade alchemically processed herbs. This formula thins the lymphatic fluid, cleanses toxins, purifies and tones the blood, and breaks down fibrous tissue!

Other factors I have uncovered during case analysis has been xenoestrogens from foods or environment in tandem with other endocrine hormonal issues such as : low thyroid levels (undetectable by blood tests), side effects from drugs, or side effects from inorganic vitamins.

Getting to the Source of the Problem
Working with a Professional trained in nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs and other therapies can help you get to the source of the stagnation in your breast and lymph tissue. Instead of focusing on just the symptoms, a competent practitioner is usually able to uncover the cause of most chronic conditions. In many cases, after an intense study of the patient’s health profile and a consultation, the underlying causes of the condition are made known. Getting to the source and making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes can aid in the elimination of fibroid symptoms. These changes can also help improve one’s overall health, and with the prevention of breast cancer.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and to help you become empowered to make the changes necessary to achieve Vibrant Health.

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