Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Children

by Cindee Gardner, Ph.D., HD (R.Hom.), D.Hom., C.Hom.

Is Your Child High-Risk for an Adverse Vaccine Reaction?
Adverse reactions to vaccines are more common than many people realize. In fact, the U.S. government operates a secret database that contains the names of several thousand children who were healthy and alive just prior to receiving the vaccines. Personal stories of vaccine damage, as told by sad parents who lost a child to the shots, remind us that real families, and real children, are being affected. Please read the following information to determine if your loved one is high-risk for a vaccine reaction.

Vaccine Contraindications
Very few doctors inform parents about vaccine risks. But vaccine manufacturers place warnings in vaccine containers indicating who should not receive vaccinations. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) also make recommendations indicating who should not receive vaccinations. The AAP publishes a Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases every four years HHS has guidelines formulated by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), which appear in the Morbidity and Mortality Report published by the CDC. This information is included below:

POLIO: Children younger than 6 weeks people who are ill, or who have cancer of the lymph system.

MEASLES: Children younger than 15 months pregnant women people who are ill, or who are allergic to eggs, chicken, feathers, or who have cancer, blood disease, or deficiencies of the immune system.

RUBELLA: Pregnant women people who are allergic to eggs, chicken, duck, or feathers, or who have cancer, blood disease, or deficiencies of the immune system.

DPT: Any child past the 7th birthday, or who has had a severe reaction to a previous dose, or who has a personal history of convulsions or neurological disease, or who is acutely sick with a fever or respiratory infection, or who is taking medication that may suppress the immune system. The three vaccine policymakers in America, noted above, do not &ldquoofficially&rdquo consider the following conditions contraindications to the DPT vaccine. However, scientific literature published by pertussis vaccine researchers throughout the world for the past several decades indicates that such conditions may put a child at high risk:

1. The child is ill with anything, including a runny nose, cough, ear infection, diarrhea, or has recovered from an illness within one month prior to a scheduled DPT shot.
2. The child has a family member who had a severe reaction to a DPT shot.
3. Someone in the child&rsquos immediate family has a history of convulsions or neurological disease.
4. The child was born prematurely or with low birth weight.
5. The child has a personal or family history of severe allergies (i.e., cow&rsquos milk, asthma, eczema).

Vaccines may also be contraindicated for certain people with special conditions not listed above. If you suspect that you or your child may be high risk for a reaction, Get The Facts! Note: The information and recommendations in this section are subject to revisions by vaccine policymakers and new research. Also, keep in mind that screening your child for the contraindications listed above will not guarantee your child&rsquos safety. Call for the new updated version of Neil’s book : Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?

You Have Alternatives!
After you have read the facts about the dangers, make your choice of whether you want your child to get vaccines and decide which ones (if any) you feel they should have. There are two services that we offer at the Homeopathic Office. One is for people who chose to do the entire health profile for their child. We’ll use Homeopathy, herbs and supportive therapies to bring your child’s health to the highest level possible. We also help you choose a constitutional remedy for the child to use periodically to keep them in great health. Then, if you do choose to vaccinate, we’ll help you use the remedies before and after the vaccines chose. The full case profile is required if the child has any other health concerns as well, ie. history of ear infections, recurrent colds, coughs, viruses,allergies, or more serious concerns. With the case analysis, whether you choose to vaccine or not, we’ll help you chose what natural products may be helpful at the time.

The second service we offer is for parentsof healthy children, who choose only to do the vaccine alternative or complimentary program. In either case cases, we will send a letter with the state exemption claimed, stating what the parents choices are, and what our role will be in accordance with their wishes. This program will give you a list of the remedies, and an informative bool with the latest updates.

Homeopathy 101
Welcome to the world of Homeopathy! Here are some interesting facts when you add Homeopathic Medicine into your healthcare system. You are healthier after taking a Homeopathic Remedy. You certainly can’t say that about modern drugs. When you use a properly chosen remedy, you actually help the body learn how to work more efficiently threough stimulating your immune system instead of having a drug do it for you. You can also use Homeopathics along with any other therapy. There are no contradindications. The worse thing that can happen (in a normal dose usage) is that the drug overpowers the immune system and takes away the effectiveness of the remedy. Many times the remedy works anyway. Another advantage is the cost factor. When you purchase a Home Remedy Kit (always ask for hand succussed ones), you’ll probably pay about two to three dollars per bottle with hundreds of remedy doses inside. When you make water solutions out of them, each one can last for up to three months. Its also cost effective when you consider that in the future there will be less trips to the Doctors and less drugs to take, while the quality of your life increases. What price can anyone put on that? Another benifit is that you can use Homepathics for emergencies, acute upsets, chronic disease, as preventional tools, on infants, pregnant and nursing women, elderly people, weak people, and on animals too. You can also learn how to treat common ailments, and that is exactly what happens after a person gets their hands on a home remedy kit. We get testimony after testimopny and lists of people they have helped. What a marvelous system of medicine. It’s empowering and it’s fun. You can even schedule a private lesson on how to use the kits or join a local study group.

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